Key features of the software

These tendering solutions have several basic features, which will make your tender management work much easier. And project implementation will also become easier.

General features

Here are the general features of

Easy issuer dashboard

Issuer dashboard is easy to use but very powerful.


Issuer can share and manage assets to bidder.


You will get notification of every activity and status in Email and Dashboard.


Everything can be managed from settings.

Manage Suppliers

Issuer can manage suppliers and add new suppliers.

Tendering features

All the features required to publish or manage tenders are available in this platform. Some of the common features are shown here.

Add new tender

You can create new tenders.

Choose existing templates

You can use our platform's tender templates. Or you can copy your previously created tender.

Add tender assets

You can upload required assets or documents in the tender.

Manage tender settings

There are tender settings features to enable or disable the required options in the tender.

Manage Suppliers

The Issuer can invite its preferred supplier to bid in the said tender.

Add Colleague

Issuer can add his colleagues to the tender to manage the tender.

Demands features

We have very special tools for demand collect. Some examples are shown below.

Demand collect form

You can collect demand through link share.

Demand lists

You can see the lists of collected demands.

View demand

You can see all the details of the demand.

Demand transform to tender

You can transform the demand into a tender.

Demand transform to order

You can transform the demand into a direct order.

Bidder general features

All features of Bidder are given below.

Bidder dashboard

Powerful dashboard for bidders.

Call for bid to a tender

Here the bidder can see his available tenders for bidding.

Bid a tender demo

All options for bidding on a tender are available on this platform.

Add colleague for bid

Bidder can add his colleague to bid in the tender.

All tender bid list

You can see the list of tenders you have bid here.

All Order lists

You can see the orders received from the issuer here.

View order details

You can see the details of received orders here.