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Through, you can manage your business from publishing tenders, comparing bids, adding preferred suppliers, storing important assets, all the benefits are available on the same platform.

Key features of the software

These tendering solutions have several basic features, which will make your tender management work much easier. And project implementation will also become easier.

Published Tender

You can easily publish tenders on your desired category. You can select the exesting template according to your needs.

Choose templates

Here are the templates based on each category, you can easily use our exestings templates if you want.

Invite Suppliers

Using this platform you can send invitations to bid on your tenders to suppliers in your contact list. Suppliers can easily bid on your tenders.

Add Colleague

You can add colleagues to manage your tenders. This will make it easier to manage your tenders. A colleague can only manage tenders invited by you.

Comparing Bids

You can easily compare tender bids. You can compare based on item pricing, item options etc. You can export them to excel if you want.

Collection demands

You can collect demand from any company through demand form. You will have a dynamic link to share.

Upload Assets

You can upload your required files, videos, documents, images in assets option. And you can easily use them while publishing tenders.


You will get notification of every activity of your tender. For example, when someone bids on a tender, you will get instant notification on your e-mail and dashboard.

Powerful User Dashboard

-- Issuer, Supplier & Colleague

You will get a dashboard where you can manage everything very easily. It is user friendly and easy. Everything from tender count history to quick action button is present in it. It is constantly updated by our developer team. In this portal you can do Add, Edit, Delete tasks without any kind of page reload. And so it is very powerful.

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The perfect solution

-- All in one features of the software

Getting everything to manage a tender in one platform. From Tender published to selecting tender template, adding suppliers, appointing colleagues, comparing bids, getting notifications at every step, has it all.

View price plans

Request Demands

Dynamic link for collect demand

Demand collection link

Dynamic link for collect demand

There is a separate Webform link for each Issuer, through which you can share the demand collection of different companies. And you can transform it into a tender as needed, or you can order directly from a supplier.

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